【MUKBANG】 Big Bowl Of Rice & Salted Cod Roe! In Various Luxurious Styles 5Kg, 6500kcal[CC Available]

[use CC to enable Subtitles] Hello, my name is Kinoshita Yuka ! I love eating.
OoGui (eating a lot) is my channel’s main focus. I often do a social eating live (Mukbang)
Today,I ate mentaiko ( Pollock roe, the salted roe of Alaska pollock, is a popular culinary ingredient in Japan, Korea ) with a lot of rice that i received it from one of the viewers, so thank you so much for this precious gift , and i made it in really various ways like Tamago kake gohan ( or Tamago gohan for short (also abbreviated as the Latin letters TKG) is a popular Japanese breakfast food consisting of cooked rice topped or mixed with raw egg and soy sauce ) and butter cod roe with rice, with 1 Kg of miso soup ( a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock called “dashi” into which softened miso paste is mixed. Many ingredients are added depending on regional and seasonal recipes, and personal preference ), All That is about 5 Kg of pure weight . it was so delicious and tasty in luxurious way !!!
⭐️木下ゆうかオリジナルグッズ (﹡ˆOˆ﹡)/

⭐木下ゆうかLINEスタンプ2でたよ!!!ᐠ( ᐢᐢ )ᐟ




【大食いYouTuber】木下ゆうか はじめてのPhotoBook
木下ゆうかPhotobook ”yuuka”


木下ゆうか:“Yuka Kinoshita” Japanese

Thank you Aphexx(@aphexx9 )-English subtitles
Thank you Range o(@orange0204)-Chinese subtitles
Thank you Waza_leji(Ieji_San) -Arabic subtitles
Thank you Taejun Lee -Korean subtitles
Thank you Jane-Korean subtitles
Thank you miu sister-Indonesian subtitles
Thank you Sony Boy-German subtitles
Thank you 香港國のパンダ・M-Hong Kong subtitles
Thank you 日本語字幕 Soraさん
Thank you My Nguyen-Vietnamese subtitles
for supporting in making subtitle.

If you’ve captioned/subbed one of my videos please inform me via E-mail. Thank you

⭐️エンディングなどのイラストは、ケイジェーさんに書いていただきました!(Twitter @K__j_344)


Thank you Mr. Range o!




I’m also a competitive eater as a job.
Please let me know via email or comment if you have any requests what you want me to try or you wanna have a food battle with me!

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Please contact me if you have any job requests.

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