How to Format and Install Windows 8 32/64 bit [HD]


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Note: I will remove every useless comment like “HOW TO FORMAT” and other comments that have already been answered in the `Fast Q/A`

Fast Q/A:

Q: Can you give me a download link?
A: No! I’m not providing any download links because it’s illegal in my country! Find them yourself!
Q: Do I need a CD/DVD for this
A: Yes! You have to use a DVD of Windows 8
Q: Can I install Windows WITHOUT DVD/CD Disk?
A: Yes, you can! If you have .ISO disk image of windows, you can create a bootable USB [Instruction:
Q: My computer doesn’t load the Disk, What to do?
A: You may try to install the Windows trough Bootable USB installer
Q: My Hard Drive doesn’t appear in “Drive Option”, what to do?
A: First, make sure your HDD is not Broken and its surely connected to your Motherboard [You can check it trough BIOS]!!! Some Motherboard needs a HDD SATA Driver to let Drivers appear in the window, Try to Load that driver by hitting “Load Driver” [You can find the driver from your Motherboard CD or Download it from the internet]
Q: How to install x32 or x64 versions?
A: You can’t choose between x32 and x64 during the installation process! Get the RIGHT copy of the Windows!
Q: What to do after installing the Windows?
A: Activate your Windows and install your Motherboard/GPU and other Drivers to let your PC work with full power!


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