Let's Play Great Troubles, Part 6 (Very Bad Ending)

Trigger warning: includes very controversial themes about 2/3rds the way through; viewer discretion is advised.

So, I sorta got the feeling that something bad was going to happen if I went down the path I was going this playthrough, but hey, I wanted to see things through to the end. Can’t believe I hadn’t touched this since May. Time sure flies, huh? But yeah, as promised, I revisited Great Troubles, but I did not get a good ending. In fact, I got a very bad ending, quite possibly the worst one you can possibly get. =o

Either way, I’m not deterred. Gonna pick it back up and try and get a better ending, but I seriously think my game’s glitched. I looked it up; this game’s been released in 2015, and there’s only 1.1 as the latest version. I’m glad they released a Christmas special after Great Troubles, known as I Promise, but yeah. Great Troubles could have been something more like Amorous was, but it’s a fairly linear visual novel with a few choice selections to be made that will affect your story.

I think of all the people you can pursue, Vincent would be my go-to. Chris is way too snarky and rude, and eh… can’t really get behind that. Kevin seems very untrustworthy for someone that’s supposed to be a good friend of yours. Maybe I’m missing some obvious cues, but I feel like there’s way more to this story than I’m getting from my past few play-throughs, but it seems like there’s a conspiracy going on. Will figure it out next time.

Either way, till next video, guys, take care and peace.

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