Starlight Bridge Saigon (Anh Sao Bridge) Ho Chi Minh City

The Starlight Bridge in Ho Chi Minh City, called Cau Anh Sao in Vietnamese is a romantic and poetic bridge located in the heart of the international commercial and financial district of Phu My Hung. It has been the one of the most modern and beautiful pedestrian bridges in Vietnam. Each night, the bridge squirt out the water mixed with the colorful lights, which is a breathtaking view.

Walking along the lake by the Crescent Mall, visitors will eventually see the Starlight Bridge (sometimes called Unicorn Fountain, Rainbow Bridge or Saigon Bridge). One of the things that makes viewers fall in love with the Starlight Bridge is the magical shimmer of the bridge at night. The lights at that moment is twinkling like stars with the magic water spray system making Anh Sao Bridge becomes an unforgettable scenery in life.

However, not every day during the week the Starlight Bridge opens LEDs and spray water. In fact, the Starlight Bridge is open free for people to visit daily, but to catch a glimpse of the romantic lights of the Anh Sao Bridge, viewers should come on Thursdays to Sundays from 6:30pm-10:00pm. On holidays, New Year time and some special events, the bridge is still opened lights and water. In addition, visitors can come here at about 5:00pm onward to watch the sunset scene and the scenery around the bridge and do not forget to bring your cameras.

With a system of LEDs lights on the bridge surface, illuminated waterfalls, the Starlight Bridge is like an outstanding light line connecting the Canal District and the Crescent in the night. When walking on the bridge, visitors feel like they are wandering in the galaxy.

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